As we entered, we were greeted by the owner, his son, and the staff. We called ahead so they were expecting us. After our initial greetings and introductions, the first thing we asked about was the tiny sushi, because how could we not? Here's the gist: The tiny sushi idea originally came from a customer in 2002 who challenged the owner's son (Ikeno Hironori) to see how small he could make a piece of sushi. Over time, it became something they were known for. That said, when we asked how often they need to make a plate of small sushi, we were surprised. "Just a few times a week and at most five times in a day." Though when customers from overseas order, they tend to be extra enthusiastic about the tiny sushi. He told us that one woman from Europe burst into tears and cried for an hour and a half after seeing the cute, little sushi. Somehow we managed to keep our own emotions in check.